Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We're Home!

Now that we are back home after our 1o months in Thailand,

we realized that we miss more than we thought we would...or do we?

10 Things we miss about Thailand!

the fresh fruit, Thai iced tea, and 60 cent Pad Thai
our friends/ co-workers

cheap massages and movie theaters

our foldable bikes for transportation

climbing down in Krabi

the affordable shopping

being able to travel to so many surrounding countries

some of the Thai culture; wais

being called "Ma'am Rebekah" and "Sir Daniel"

public transportation

10 Things we don't miss about Thailand!

the smells

the traffic

the heat and humidity

some of the Thai culture; mai pen rai

the difficult language

the bartering

the daily torrential downpours

being away from our friends and family

the time difference

being a tourist

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