Sunday, March 22, 2009

60 days and counting!

Thai time has been ticking and we’ve been continuing to see and learn new things, take more trips, have more visitors, make lots of memories and sweat! The temps are rising as we get into the ‘hot season’ of April and May. We’ve been extremely busy with tons of visitors, school events and living it up in Bangkok! February: We’ve had fun weekends around here getting to know our co-workers/friends better and on the week days imparting knowledge while juggling all of the extra-curricular activities our school has going on weekly. March: Kristi and Montana flew over from Texas for a week. I went with them up to Chiang Mai as well has showing them all around Bangkok and Ko Saumi. They enjoyed cooking classes, shopping, elephant rides, temples, and an exciting taxi accident we all got into (no worries, we’re all fine). Daniel had some friends pop over for a quick weekend visit after being in India for 2 weeks. They went down south for a climbing and enjoyed the rocks and water. I also had a girl’s weekend away to Hua Hin where we did nothing but sit by the pool over-looking the beach and relaxed. As we start our 4th and last quarter of school, we still have more to look forward to! We are so excited about coming home and are anxiously waiting to see what is in store for us when we arrive on American soil!

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