Sunday, November 09, 2008

Happiest Place on Earth?

My niece and nephew think it’s Disneyland. Some might think the beach or mountains. My husband thinks it’s Thailand….so that’s why we’re here. This weekend we didn’t go to the beach, the mountains or Disneyland, but we did go to Dream World, where all your dreams come true, right here in Thailand. This amusement park is the Disneyland of Thailand. Can’t say all my dreams came true, but we had some fun. 11 teachers from EIS loaded up in a rented van and drove an hour through Bangkok’s crowed streets and arrived to dressed up cartoon characters greeting us, a catchy It’s a Small World After All-ish song being repeated over and over, Thai workers dressed in bright colors selling pad-Thai and cotton candy at the booth. We grabbed the park’s map, and headed out.
First, we visited the miniature replicas of the 7 Wonders of the World (I will only have 3 more to see once I’m home from Thailand), then hit up some roller coasters, some water rides, the giant house and then to Snow Land. Snow in Thailand? Yeah, your sweat instantly changes to icicles once you step inside. You walk in, they take your shoes and exchange them from rubber boots and hand you a big down jacket. Trying not to think about all the other feet and bodies in these boots and jackets, we put them on and opened the door to -3.5*C (26*F). The room was filed with snow covered trees, Christmas décor and a man-made hill for sledding. It was quiet the experience running around in rubber boots, a skirt, and down jacket. For the first time, I was FREZZING in Thailand!

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