Friday, September 19, 2008


Our visit to Kanchanaburi was full of exciting things; riding the elephants was our first adventure. Highlights of our ride was when our elephant would blow a nasty solution out of it's trunk, right up Daniel's leg. We wandered through the jungle and up the River Kwai a ways.

Kanchanaburi is about 3 hours west of Bangkok, almost to the boarder of Burma. Along the road we would see monkeys just hanging out, relaxing. This was amusing!
Also along the side of the road, we enjoyed some tasty snacks. Sweet dried bananas and salty potatoes. Two other teachers at EIS joined us for the weekend; Annet and Terra.
My dream of completing a marathon was fullfilled (almost) when I completed the River Kwai Half Marathon! Over 1000 runners; 15 of them being from the USA, 20+ Europeans, 2 Kenyans (becuase it's not a true marathon without them), and the remaining...Asians, ran 13.1 miles through the jungle, up and down some step hills, in the rain, breathing in some major humidity! I had some great cheerleaders with me and enjoyed every mintue.
We visited many waterfalls throughout the weekend. Many of them are along the side of the road, whereas some are a major hike to get to the top tier. Each one had people swimming and enjoying the refreshing water until schools of fish would bit them. They were beautiful!

Our weekend ended with an invigerated visit to the Tiger Temple. It was amazing being so close to these exotic animals. A monk would lead us to a few different tigers and we were allowed to kneel down next to them. We got the privilege of walking with the tigers back to their cages.

We throughly enjoyed getting out of the city and seeing another beautiful part of Thailand.


Anonymous said...

Bekah - are you holding the rope attached to the collar of that tiger---you are brave girl! sharon

Tiffany Aicklen said...

Wow, it looks like you guys are having amazing adventures! It was so fun to stop by and see what your up to. That Thai food looks so good:)