Friday, December 16, 2005

An-other post

So, I've been experimenting with different looks and I think I've found my look. Let's just say that no, I'm totally joking. Hopefully I'll get around to posting something useful about climbing soon. Anyways, part of the reason that this post is so long is so that I can see how they wrap the text around the picture. Uhh, so I'm going to keep writing for a couple more sentences. Or, maybe I will actually com up with a worthwhile subject. Or not.

Darn, it was not long enough to wrap around the pic yet. Ummm, the sunglasses were obtained at a yard-sale. Our school is raising funds to go to Mexico this spring break. It should be fun.

I'm raising fun this Christmas by going snowboarding and permitting. The central valley of CA is pretty foggy this time of year, but I've managed a trip to Sequoia NP and a couple hikes in the last month or so...also a trip to Joshua Tree. Oh yeah, that's the pic that's already posted here. Oh, I see I've written enough to see how this wrap text works. Cool.


Alex said...

Dude, that pic is f---ing rad! You should send me a copy of that. So...80's-kick-your-ass-retro. Love it.

Bothe said...

Dan the man you look like the cop i was just runing away from